IMB Centre for Superbug Solutions

We aim to generate new solutions for combating superbugs – bacteria that are antibiotic resistant.

How can we prevent superbug infection?

Many superbug infections are hospital acquired, which has led to researching new antimicrobial coatings to help prevent infection through cannulas, catheters, pacemakers, cochlear impants etc.

How can we diagnose superbug infection?

If we can diagnose the superbug quickly, we can give the right drug to the right patient the first time. We are developing next generation rapid and accurate diagnostics to identify which superbug is infecting the patient.

How can we combat superbugs?

We have a number of candidate antibiotics that we are currently testing to combat superbug infections. We will be testing the effectiveness of these antibiotics on ‘Golden Staph’, Tuberculosis, the ESKAPE human pathogens, amongst other infections.

Are there new solutions for the superbug problem?

We are testing other solutions for the superbug problem. For example, we are investigating whether we can disarm the bacteria with drugs rather than killing them, thereby reducing the pressure on the bacteria to develop resistance to the drug.

We will also study alternatives to growth promoters that could be used to reduce the reliance of the agricultural industry on conventional antibiotics. This will also reduce the pressure on bacteria to develop resistance.