Current Members

Group Leader

Prof. Jennifer L. Martin


Senior Research Officers

Dr Shu-Hong Hu



Post-Doctoral Research Officers

Dr Gordon King

Dr Michelle Christie

Dr Roisin McMahon (Research Page) (Blog)

Dr Patricia Walden

Dr Hassanul Choudhury

Dr Wilko Duprez


PhD Students

Emily Furlong

Signe Christensen


Research Assistant(s)

Russell Jarrott


X-Ray Facility Manager

Karl Byriel


Visitors / Students

Eunice Poon


Past Members (in alphabetical order)


Dr Anna Aagard (now Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca, Sweden)

Aditya Angadi (now Patent Examiner at IP Australia)

Dr Tracy Arakaki (now Project Manager at Emerald Bio, USA)

Dr Julia Archbold (now freelance Science Writer and Communicator at Corrected)

Dr Prabhakar Bachu

Berenice Jahn (now studying at Ludwig-Maximillian University, Germany)

Dr Lisa Bidwell (now Manager of Innovation and Commercial Development at Diamantina Institute, UQ)

Belinda Burgess (now studying in the Craik lab, UQ)

Dr Kai-En (Kevin) Chen (now Post-Doctoral Research Officer in Wang's lab, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Dr Mathieu Coincon (now Post-Doctoral Research Officer in Drew's lab, Stockholm University, Sweden)

Dr Nathan Cowieson (now Senior Scientist at the Australian Synchrotron)

Dr Nyssa Drinkwater (now Post-Doctoral Research Officer in McGowan's lab, Monash University, Melbourne)

Dr Melissa Edeling (now Post-Doctoral Research Officer at the Washington University School of Medicine, USA)

Prof Jade Forwood (now Associate Professor at Charles Sturt University)

Dr Niranjali Gamage (now Scientific Officer for Undergraduate Teaching Labs, UQ)

Dr Christine Gee

Dr Morten Grøftehauge (now Post-Doctoral Officer at Durham University)

Assoc Prof Luke Guddat (now leading his own lab at UQ)

Assoc Prof Gregor Guncar (now at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Dr Maria Halili (now Post-Doctoral Research in the Fairlie lab, UQ)

Dr Rosemary Harrison (now Head of Portfolio Management and Strategic Planning at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research)

Dr Begona Heras (now ARC Future Fellow at La Trobe University)

Julia Hansen (now studying at Ludwig-Maximillian University, Germany)

Dr Joanna Kelly (now Best Practice Manager at Gardner Insurance Brokers Qld Pty Ltd)

Dr Richard Kidd (now Research Scientist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, USA)

Dr Fabian Kurth (now Consultant at Accenture, Germany)

Dr Mareike Kurz (now Data Manager at University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland)

Dr Cath Latham (now Senior Research Officer at Burnet Institute)

Dr Fredrik Lindahl (now Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Cooper lab, UQ)

Dr Pawel Listwan (now Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)

Danny Loveday (now Senior Business Operations Analyst - Sales Operations at EMC Computers System, UK)

Dr Alan Lowe (now Lecturer at London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL, UK)

Dr Fiona McMillan (now Science Editor at Diamantina Institute, UQ)

Arief Mulyadi

Simon Neyer (now PhD student in Cramer lab, Ludwig-Maximillian University, Germany)

Dr Zazawi Nurliyana Ahmad (now Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Heather Nutt (now Research Assistant at QIMR, Brisbane)

Dr Len Pattenden (now Senior Scientist at CSL)

Dr Andrew Pearson (now Lecturer at Griffith University)

Pie Huda (now PhD student in Copenhagen University)

Dr Lakshmanane Premkumar (now Research Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina, USA)

Dr Munish Puri (now Senior Research Fellow at Deakin University)

Dr Asma Rehman (now Post-Doctoral Research Associate at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India)

Dr Gautier Robin (now Post-Doctoral Research Officer at INSERM, France)

Prof. Ulrika Rova (now Head of Division of Sustainable Process Engineering at Luleå University, Sweden)

Dr Scott Rowlinson (now Principal Research Scientist at Eli Lily, USA)

Dr Natalie Saez (now Postdoctoral Research Officer in King's lab, UQ)

Dr Stephen Shouldice (now Medical Science Liaison at Janssen)

Dr Shane Simonsen (now Science and Maths Teacher, Hubbard's School, QLD, Australia)

Sally Slack (now Technician in Blood Diagnostics Lab, York Hospital, UK)

Dr Ylva Strandberg (now Patent and Trademark Attorney, Cullens)

Stephanie Tay (now in Singapore)

Francois Terblanche

Glyn Truscott (now Senior Associate, Carpmaels and Ransford, UK)

Dr Siska Vos (now Lab Technician at Ipswich Girls Grammar School)

Dr Beth Wensley (now Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at MedImmune)

Elizabeth Westbury

Dr Andrew Whitten (now Beamline Scientist at Bragg Institute, ANSTO, Sydney, Australia)

Dr Wisa Wickramasinghe (now Senior Research Fellow and Lab Manager at National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology, UQ)