IMB Centre for Superbug Solutions

Upcoming Events

2-3 November 2017    Australian Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Forum 
                                   The National AMR Forum will be held in Brisbane over two days on Thursday November 2 and Friday November 3, 2017.

Past Events

3-5 April 2017             Solutions for Drug-Resistant Infections (SDRI 2017) conference
                                   Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Bank, Brisbane

17 November 2016      Superbugs at the Olympics - science and sport community event
Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia - 5.30pm to 8pm

14 November 2016      3rd Annual Queensland Forum on Antimicrobial Resistance
                                   Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) Education Centre, Herston, Australia - 9am to 7pm

18 September 2016     The ABC of ATGC for TB
Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia - 9am to 1pm



19 April 2017       Bacteria do not respect borders - notes from the SDRI 2017 conference - Longitued Proze blog post

10 April 2017       A closer look at Solutions for Drug-Resistant Infections (SDRI 2017) - American Chemical Society (ACS) Axial blog post

3 April 2017         Brisbane hosts global health leaders in fight against antibiotic resistance
UQ News media release for Solutions for Drug-Resistant Infections (SDRI 2017) conference

ABC Radio National Fran Kelly Interview with SDRI 2017 Plenary speaker Dame Sally Davies, CMO for England


                            ABC Brisbane Radio Katherine Freeney interview with SDRI 2017 Plenary speaker Dame Sally Davies, CMO for England
  and panel discussion with Matt Coooper and other SDRI plenary speakers

3 March 2017      How to solve a problem like antibiotic resistance - Essays in Biochemistry paper highlight 

2 Nov 2016          How to respond to the antibiotics crisis
                            ABC Radio National Big Ideas program - highlights of Will Antibiotics Run Out? presented at Bond University with Mark Blaskovich

30 Oct 2016         Drug resistance and a coming pandemic
                            ABC Radio National Future tense radio interview with Mark Blaskovich         

13 Sept 2016       Paralympian highlights the importance of antibiotic research
CO-ADD Ambassador Chris Bond shares his inspirational story in fighting a bacterial infection


12 Sept 2016       UQ’s work on inflammatory disease treatment wins $22m global investment
                            IMB CSS Director Professor Matthew Cooper has co-founded the company Inflazome Ltd with $22m global investment for                                                 inflammatory disease research

12 Sept 2016       So long, superbugs - crowdsourcing is here
                            UQ Research Impact story for Research Week 

30 August 2016    ABC News article: Common cold or serious illness? Biomarkers can tell the difference and limit antibiotic misuse
                             Courier Mail article: Test allowing doctors to distinguish bewteen viral and bacterial infections in sight

                             IMB CSS Deputy-Director A/Prof Lachlan Coin says a new test to be available within a few years could save lives and reduce                                             antibiotic use. Latest diagnostic research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

19 June 2016       612 ABC Brisbane radio interview on Antibiotics in Australia: the superbug capital of the world

                            Interview with Matt Cooper about the new Antibiotic Use in Australia (AURA) report, June 2016


26 May 2016         Future Medicinal Chemistry Commentary - Chemical philanthropy: a pathway forward for antibiotic discovery?

                             K Hansford, M Blaskovich and M Cooper (scientific publication) 


20 May 2016         Derek Lowe’s Science Magazine blog post – Want your compounds tested against pathogens for free?


12 May 2016         Nature Outlook Publication on Open Innovation – Fresh Hunting Ground – Matt Cooper 


28 April 2016        SBS article – These three Aussie scientists are fighting the war on superbugs – feat.  Dr Alysha Elliott 


19 April 2016         ABC Catalyst special episode on Antibiotic Resistance


30 March2016        ABC Radio National - Rear Vision - The antibiotics dilemma: Why we're running out of drugs to treat the superbugs


27 March 2016       ABC Radio National Rear Vision - Battle against the bug: the rise of antibiotic resistance on Rear Vision 


25 January 2016     ZME Science article - Antibiotics – the end of an era?


8 December 2015    Courier Mail, QWeekend’s Best and Brightest feature Featuring IMB CSS Director Professor Matthew Cooper


01 December 2015   Advance Queensland Innovators case study - UQ crowdsourcing the next antibiotic to combat superbugs


14 December 2015   Webinar with IMI ENABLE project - Funding and support for development of anti-infectives 


19 October 2015      ABC News - Quiz: Can you guess the dirtiest surfaces in your office?


15 October 2015      UQ News - Why you should think twice about reaching for your phone at lunch

                                IMB CSS Dr Alysha Elliott swabbed people’s hands and common workplace surfaces to expose some of the germiest places around                                  the office, as part of Global Handwashing Day (15 Oct).


16 September 2015  ACS C&EN Virtual Symposium: Advances in drug discovery and development 


15 September2015   MedChemNet interview – Dr Blaskovich on the Community for Open Drug Discovery 


8 September 2015    The Winnowner article capturing the ACS Ask Me Anything (AMA) Series with IMB CSS CO-ADD Dr Mark                                                   Blaskovich on Reddit 


8 September 2015    Science over Coffee episode – Antibiotics and the Emerging Superbug Threat


8 September 2015    UQ News - New centre tackles one of world’s greatest health challenges

                                 Launch of the Institute for Molecular Bisocience (IMB) Centre for Superbug Solutions (CSS) at Customs House. Event video.


8 September 2015    The Conversation - When should you take antibiotics 

                                 IFLS coverage 


September 2015       UQ Discovery magazine – Superbug turning point?


7 August2015           Nature Reviews Drug Discovery - A community-based approach to new antibiotic discovery (scientific publication)


19 July 2015             The Guardian (UK) - Resistance isn’t futile – how to tackle drug-resistant superbugs


10 July 2015              Radio New Zealand This way Up - New antibiotics


June 2015                  Science in Public - Stories of Australian Science 2015 Featuring CO-ADD


20 June 2015             Royal Society Chemistry (RSC), Chemistry World - Crowdsourcing compounds to tackle antibiotic resistance 


18/19 June 2015        Media launch of the Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery (CO-ADD)

                                   ABC News - New antibiotics needed to fight drug-resistant superbugs, Queensland researchers warn

                                   UQ News - Global Search for next antibiotic                                 

                                   Further coverage: Longitude Prize feature, The Courier Mail, AJP, The Time of India, Herald Sun, Scientific American, Brisbane                                       Times


17 June 2015               ABC News - Superbugs: What are they and how are they treated?


13 May 2015               ACS Infectious Disease Viewpoint - Helping Chemists Discover New Antibiotics (scientific publication) 


23 March 2015             Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) – Science Down Under Featuring CO-ADD


March 2015                  Synthetic chemists to aid the community for open antimicrobial drug discovery 

                                    Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) Virtual Symposium


27 January 2015          President’s Budget Proposes Historic Funding Amount to Combat Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria

The President’s FY 2016 Budget submission calls for nearly doubling the amount of funding for combating antibiotic resistance to more than $1.2 billion for the Departments of Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Defense, and Veterans Affairs.


14 January 2015          The Conversation - We need new antibiotics to beat superbugs, but why are they so hard to find?

Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper discusses the current challenges we face in discovering and developing new antibiotics.


19 November 2014      7News investigation - Lifesaving antibiotics losing effectiveness

Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper discusses how we are now currently confronting one of the greatest threats to public health, partly because of what we eat.


18 September 2014      Longitude Prize case study

Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper’s work is profiled by the Longitude Prize, which this year is challenging researchers around the world to create a cost-effective, accurate, rapid, and easy-to-use test for bacterial infections that will allow health professionals worldwide to administer the right antibiotic at the right time.


7 June 2014                 The Science Show, ABC Radio National

Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper discusses how the use of antibiotics in agriculture is creating a fertile ground for antibiotic resistance in our global community.


6 March 2014               New nanochip said to help in the fight against superbugs

Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper highlights how a tiny chip that measures the level of antibiotic molecules in the blood and determines how they work against bacteria could help doctors develop personalised treatment plans to fight superbugs. Source: CBS News


25 November 2013       PM, ABC News – Fears the post antibiotic era has arrived

Professor Matt Cooper discusses what a life without antibiotics would look like.


26 September 2013      Catalyst, ABC TV – The emergence of untreatable gonorrhoea


17 July 2013                 Overuse of antibiotics must be stopped to crush the rise of dangerous superbugs

 Opinion piece by Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper. Source: The Courier-Mail


12 June 2013                The Drum, ABC Online – It’s time to supercharge the war against superbugs

 Opinion piece by Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper.


2 August 2013              Today Tonight – Superbug health challenge

Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper discusses how thousands of Australians are dying each year from infections caused by the  misuse and overuse of the very drugs designed to treat them.


5 November 2013        The Drum, ABC Online – Is Australia doing enough to stop superbugs?

                                    Opinion piece by Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper.


7 December 2012        The Conversation – New antibiotics: what’s in the pipeline?


5 December 2012        The Conversation – Unblocking the pipeline for new antibiotics against superbugs


5 December 2012        The Conversation – The last stand: the strongest of the superbugs and their antibiotic nemesis


31 October 2012          Four Corners, ABC TV – Rise of the superbugs

Centre Director Professor Matt Cooper comments on the rise and rise of superbugs, and how our reliance on antibiotics could post a serious threat to our health.


29 October 2012          The Conversation – Explainer: what are antibiotics?


19 March 2012            The Conversation – Would you like superbugs with that? Animal antibiotic use and human health